This elegant full-rim model reflects the latest trends in contemporary designer eyewear and its round shape makes Carrera Junior CARRERA2004T/S the perfect choice especially for squared and heart-shaped faces.   Material used for the frame is steel. There are materials more sturdy than the steel itself out there,...
The noble metal frame allows for filigree lines and creates an extraordinary lightness in appearance. In addition, metal eyeglasses are virtually indestructible - strong, flexible and corrosion resistant.  provides your eyes with optimum UV protection.
These 221/S sunglasses come in a stylish Gold, paired with fantastic Gradient Grey lenses to give you a great look for this season. The frame is made of Stainless Steel , while the lenses are made of durable and high-grade. ...
CARRERA : Ca305 Kb7
Ca305 Kb7 Carrera's extraordinary adventure began in 1956 and the passion behind the brand has been rewarded with an unbroken succession of successes ever since. With state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge design, it takes urban style and mixes it with the...
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